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AB Photo Tools is all about Digital Asset Management for photographers. Our tools specialize in giving you, the photographer, genuine control over your image collection.

We don’t produce RAW Converters or Image Editors. We create solutions not implemented (or fully implemented) by the tools you currently use.

Check out Digital Photo Guardian and Metadata Wizard and see what our tools can do for you…

Digital Image Management

Flexible licensing available. Limited number of lifetime licenses available.

Digital Photo Guardian by AB Photo Tools

Digital Asset Manager for Photographers

Fast, Configurable, Image Browser

  • View images as thumbnails
  • View full size images
  • Compare up to 6 images
  • Export images
  • Send images to editors and RAW converter
  • Edit metadata

Advanced Geocoding

  • View image locations on a map
  • Reverse Geocode GPS coordinates into addresses in XMP metadata
  • Batch Reverse Geocode multiple images*

Comprehensive Metadata Support

  • Easy editing of XMP metadata
  • Reverse Geocoding
  • Metadata templates to share metadata between images
  • Model and Property Release information
AB Photo Tools

Image History

  • See your workflow on each image
  • Identify the source RAW file


  • See the backup status of any image
  • Know how many images need backing up
  • Backup your images*

Automatic deleted image warning

  • Never lose another image
  • Instant warning when images are deleted
  • Warning shows in DPG AND Windows Tray
  • Find missing images 
  • Find duplicates of missing images

Fast Image Search

  • Find images based on:
  • File name
  • Dates
  • Camera
  • Lens
  • Keywords
  • ANY metadata item


  • Maintain an inventory of your photo equipment
  • Know the current value of your gear
  • Create reports

Digital Asset Dashboard

  • Know at a glance everything about your image collection
  • See which gear you use the most
  • Identify duplicates
  • Identify missing backups


  • Identify duplicates
  • Remove duplicates
  • Batch-remove duplicates*
  • Not all functionality available in trial version. Professional version required for some operations.
AB Photo Tools
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