Digital Photo Guardian – Versions

DPG comes in three versions:
  1. Trial – a 14 day free trial of most of DPG’s features
  2. Standard – Full use of DPG’s basic features
  3. Professional – Full use of all of DPG’s features
The table below shows the differences between the versions. Click on the links to DPG’s documentation for details of the features.
FeatureTrial VersionStandard VersionPro Version

Basic Features

Image CatalogYesYesYes
Image BrowserYesYesYes
Compare ImagesYesYes (Maximum of 2 images)Yes
SkinsBasicBasicBasic + Premium
Image Formats ‘Standard’ + RAW‘Standard’ + RAW‘Standard’ + RAW

Image Search

Quick SearchYesYesYes
Full SearchYes (Limited to 200 images)YesYes

Image Management

Import ImagesYesYesYes
Edit MetadataYesYesYes
BackupsMissing Backups report onlyYesYes
Backup Smart SyncNoNoYes
Verify BackupsNoYesYes
Verify Backups – SmartNoNoYes
Image HistoryYesYesYes
System MonitorYesYesYes
Deleted Image AlertYesYesYes
Find Deleted ImagesYesNoYes
Image ExportYesYesYes
Copy/Move/Delete imagesYesYesYes
Rate Images (0 – 5)YesYesYes
Colour Code ImagesYesYesYes
External Editor IntegrationYesYesYes


View image location on mapYes (Single image only)Yes (Multiple Images)Yes (Multiple Images)
Reverse GeocodeNoYesYes
Batch Reverse GeocodeNoNoYes (Fair usage applies*)


View EXIFYesYesYes
IPTC (Combined with XMP data)YesYesYes
Edit XMPYesYesYes
XMP TemplatesYesYesYes
Copy/Paste MetadataYesYesYes


Top 10 CamerasYesYesYes
Top 10 LensesYesYesYes
Top 10 Camera + LensYesYesYes
Single Image ReportYesYesYes
Contact Sheet reportYesYesYes
Image Details ReportYesYesYes


Duplicates CountYesYesYes
View DuplicatesYesYesYes
Resolve DuplicatesNoYesYes
Batch Resolve DuplicatesNoNoYes

Equipment Inventory

Create InventoryYesNoYes
Import Inventory from Image MetadataYesNoYes
Create Inventory ReportsYesNoYes
Save Inventory Report as PDF/HTMLNoNoYes
Print Inventory ReportsNoNoYes
Customize ReportsNoNoYes


SupportEmail onlyPriority EmailPriority Email/Zoom**


Monthly SubscriptionFree trial – expires after 14 days£2.99£4.99
Annual Subscription£29£49
Perpetual License + 1 Year Upgrades + 1 Year Support£49£99
Lifetime License + Lifetime Upgrades + Lifetime Support£99£149

*Batch reverse Geocoding limited to 1,000 lookups per day. Current subscription/support license required.
**Zoom support available at AB Photo Tools sole discretion, depending on the problem.

Prices correct as of April 2021 and are in British Pounds Sterling (GBP). Sales Tax may be chargeable, according to your location.


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