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The Hub Around which your Photography Workflow Revolves

DPG - The Hub

Digital Photo Guardian Features

The Importer

The Importer

Use the Importer to bring images from your camera/memory card to your PC, assigning metadata, reverse-geocoding* and converting to DNG**.

Use DPG’s Importer to assess and rate each image quickly and easily and only import the keepers.

*Professional Version Required
**DNG Converter required

DPG - Features


Assign ratings, colour codings and pick/tag your images. Assign Images to collections and smart collections.
DPG - Features


Use DPG’s advanced browser and image comparison tool to rate your images and then delete the rejects.
DPG - Features


View images by:

  • Folder
  • Folder + Sub-Folders
  • Collection
  • Smart (search based) collection
Metadata Editor

Edit Metadata

Metadata is a key feature of image management. Assign keywords, locations, copyright details, titles and descriptions to your images. This protects your images, makes them easy to find and enables potential purchasers of your image to contact you.

DPG features advanced XMP metadata, including model and property release information.


Reverse Geocode


If your image contains GPS coordinates, use DPG to:
  • Display the image location on a map
  • Fetch the image’s location as text* 
  • Fetch image location text for multiple images**
  • Respect privacy by using Privacy Mode
*Standard or Professional version required
**Professional version required
DPG - Features


Duplicate images waste space and cause your image collection to get out of control.

DPG finds all your duplicates quickly and gives you the tools to remove them, keeping the oldest or the newest version of each image.

DPG - Features


Finding cherished images is not always easy.
DPG features the following searches:
  • Simple – Locate any image containing a single word in the title or the metadata. 
  • Comprehensive – search for any number of words in any metadata field, image name, date of shot, rating, colour code, lens, camera or any combination of them. Unlike other searches, you do not need to remember which metadata field contains the values you are searching for.
Searches are fast, even over tens of thousands of photos.


DPG tells you the equipment you use the most and the combinations of lens + camera that you use the most. If you are seeking to upgrade or sell some kit, these figures guide your decision.
Export and Edit images

Export and Edit

DPG is the hub around which your photography workflow revolves. Use DPG to send your photos to the specialist editors, RAW converters, sharpening and noise removal tools that you use. DPG can make a copy of the image before sending it to the tool.

It is easy to tell DPG which tools you use and they are then just a click away.

Ready to publish an image on the Internet? DPG features export profiles that you can configure to suit your needs. Export images with the right format, dimensions, colour profile and watermark with just one click.

Printable reports

Printable Reports

Use DPG to Produce the following reports:
  • Equipment Usage
  • Single Image Report: shows geolocation map (if GPS coordinates available) and image metadata
  • Browser Report – Contact Sheet: create a report of all the images in the current folder, or current collection/search results
  • Browser Report – Details: create a report of all the images in the current folder, or current collection/search results, showing greater detail
Reports can be printed, saved as PDFs or as HTML.


DPG assists with backups in three ways:
  1. It checks that each image has a backup
  2. It verifies the backup is accurate
  3. It performs the backup
If you already have a backup tool, DPG provides added assurance that it has performed its task and insures you against accidental deletion of a backup, which is all too easy to do.
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