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The fastest way to define and add XMP Metadata to all your images.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or better
  • 4GB RAM
  • 50MB disk space


XMP Metadata is the data you add to your photos that describes them. Most tools only support a few metadata values and adding them or changing them can be time consuming.

Metadata Wizard solves these problems:


  • Support for a wide range of XMP metadata
  • Full copyright details
  • Location and event details
  • Property Release details
  • Model Release details
  • and much more

Metadata and Copyright Templates

Use Metadata Wizard to create as many metadata and copyright ‘templates’ as you need. Then drag and drop the images and folders you wish to apply metadata to, select a template and Metadata Wizard applies it to all those images.

You specify if subfolders are included. In this way Metadata Wizard can apply a template to all your images at once.

Replace or Add to Metadata/Copyright

If, for example, you change your email address of website address, or move house, updating the metadata in your images can be a long and tedious task.  Not so with Metadata Wizard. Use it to change just those items whilst keeping all the other metadata in your images.


Metadata Wizard enables you to:

  • Have a collection of metadata and copyright templates to apply to your images
  • Apply templates to as many images as you like in seconds
  • Change just one or two metadata items without overwriting the others
  • Save hours, or even days, if you need to update your copyright, email, web site address or any other value.



Read the Metadata Wizard online documentation or download it as a PDF

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